Greenpeace – Creating a plan for a plastic free Aotearoa

The world is in a plastic pollution crisis. Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste enters our oceans every year, killing precious marine life – like whales and turtles – in its wake.

But despite growing public concern over the scale of the problem, the plastics industry want to increase production by 40% over the next decade, spewing yet more single-use plastic into our shared home.

It’s time to turn the plastic tap off, and together we have the power to do this.

We want to create a crowd-sourced, people-powered plastics strategy that will save our oceans, and the marine life that calls it home. One that safeguards our people and our planet from plastic contamination.

Right now, the Government is working on its own plans to curb plastic pollution. We hope that by seeing some of the amazing, ambitious plans ordinary New Zealanders have for our country – they’ll make sure they follow suit.

Here are some tips for writing your ideas:

  • Be bold – this plan should be ambitious
  • Be specific – what exactly is it you’d like to see
  • Government focused – let us know what you’d like to see implemented in NZ

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