Consultation opens on emissions target

Consultation has opened on the greenhouse gas emissions target that Christchurch should adopt as part of its climate change strategy.

“We want to hear our communities’ views on whether we should go with the Government’s proposed target and work towards being  net zero emissions, excluding biogenic methane, by 2050 or whether we should be setting ourselves a more ambitious target,’’ says Christchurch City Council Head of Strategic Policy Emma Davis.

“We know we need to dramatically cut our emissions; the questions is how quickly can we do it?

“We know there are people and businesses in our communities with very strong views on this issue and we really want their feedback on the approach the Council should be taking,’’ Ms Davis says.

We are asking some key questions, such as:

  1. What greenhouse gas emissions targets should be set for Christchurch?
  2. Should we align with NZ Central Government or could we be more ambitious?
  3. How should we consider agricultural emissions in our District (methane)?
  4. What interim target(s) should be set to help keep us on track?

Find out more and have your say online (before 14 Aug) at:

Have your say on the emissions target.

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