The Envirokids Programme

Every week, Saturday 10am – 3pm  
at the Kiosk in the Botanic Gardens

Every week we will showcase a different organisation in our network. There are so many organisations in our networks with activities for children. This is an opportunity to get passionate children together and connect them with these organisations. If you would like your organisations to be involved please email us at An suitably qualified Envirokids facilitator will be available to help as much or as little as you need. They will be available on the Saturday and they can help organisations plan activities if required.

Record of Learning

There are two ways children can keep record of activities they have been involved with: 

  • The Christchurch Envirohub, Envirokids progamme is a Children’s University learning destination. All activities will be catagorised as either an ecology related activity or a resource efficiency related activity. Children can get the time spent on activities with either of the stamps (shown below) in their Children’s University Passport.
  • Envirokids will also have a passbook for children that come regularly. Children will be able to collect beautiful Christchurch bird stickers to put into their passbook. There is also a place to record the activity that earned the sticker.

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