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Backyard Nature Hunt


Join Us this Easter for a Nature Hunt

The hunt starts on Easter Sunday for anything that swims, flies, grows, crawls and hides in our district of Selwyn! Visit your local reserve or any natural area and see what you can find.

You will be using the iNaturalist NZ website so you need to get your mobile phone, install the iNaturalist NZ app and focus on nature (you also can take part on laptop with internet access) .

Join the fun and discover the nature that lives in and around your local reserve!

BioBlitz is a scientific race against time to count as many different species as you can in a 24-hour period. Throughout Easter Sunday you can become a Citizen Scientist, it’s up to you whether you spend an hour or all day as a Nature Detective.

Challenge yourself to find creatures that only come out early in the morning or in the dark?

For all ages 1 to 100!


What You Need

Mobile phone with camera and iNaturalist app or

Digital camera (if you don’t have a mobile phone) and computer with internet access to iNaturalist website.

Optional – pen and paper, homemade tracking tunnel, hand lens, binoculars.


Sign up for a free iNaturalist account. You will be using the iNaturalist NZ website to record your discoveries and you are advised to download the app iNaturalist before Easter Sunday if you have a mobile device on which to do this.

Then click this link to join the Project Easter Sunday Backyard Nature Hunt 2021 or search ‘Projects’ and join the ‘Easter Sunday Backyard Nature Hunt 2021’

To learn how to use iNaturalist before Sunday click here to watch video tutorials, find out more and download the app.

Some of the things you might find include:

Mammals – Cats, hedgehogs, rats, possums (see how to make a tracking tunnel before Easter Sunday), weeds, worms, bugs, lizards, moths, Listening and looking for birds – you can record and upload sounds on iNaturalist.

If you wish to make your own tracking tunnel, to put out on Saturday night and record mammals and lizards click here for instructions.

Lincoln Envirotown Sponsors

A big thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

We extend our sincere appreciation to all our sponsors Rata Foundation, Selwyn District Council, COGS, Lottery Community and Lincoln University.


Lincoln Envirotown Trust
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