Greenpeace – Creating a plan for a plastic free Aotearoa

The world is in a plastic pollution crisis. Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste enters our oceans every year, killing precious marine life – like whales and turtles – in its wake.

But despite growing public concern over the scale of the problem, the plastics industry want to increase production by 40% over the next decade, spewing yet more single-use plastic into our shared home.

It’s time to turn the plastic tap off, and together we have the power to do this.

We want to create a crowd-sourced, people-powered plastics strategy that will save our oceans, and the marine life that calls it home. One that safeguards our people and our planet from plastic contamination.

Right now, the Government is working on its own plans to curb plastic pollution. We hope that by seeing some of the amazing, ambitious plans ordinary New Zealanders have for our country – they’ll make sure they follow suit.

Here are some tips for writing your ideas:

  • Be bold – this plan should be ambitious
  • Be specific – what exactly is it you’d like to see
  • Government focused – let us know what you’d like to see implemented in NZ

Consultation on the Indicators Aotearoa NZ

Give your feedback on the development of well-being indicators called Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand – Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa.

Stats NZ is developing Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand to track New Zealand’s progress. The set of indicators will go beyond economic measures, such as gross domestic product, to include well-being and sustainable development.

The indicators will build on international best practice and will be tailored to New Zealand by including cultural and te ao Māori perspectives. They will enable the government, councils, businesses, communities, and individuals to make choices around well-being and sustainability.

Public Meeting on the Zero Carbon Bill

Consultation is underway

We’re already seeing the impacts of climate change and it’s not just an environmental issue – there are social and economic implications too.

You have a part to play in deciding how New Zealand responds to climate change. The Zero Carbon Bill will set the long term commitment to transition us to a low-emission, climate resilient economy.

Christchurch public meeting Monday 25 June 5.00 – 7.00pm Savoy West, Rydges Christchurch, 30 Latimer Square, Christchurch

Red Zone Futures exhibition

As part of Christchurch’s regeneration, we have an unprecedented opportunity to plan the future of the land along the Ōtākaro Avon River that includes the area known as the ‘former Residential Red Zone’.

Our free Red Zone Futures public exhibition is now open. We welcome you to consider what has happened to this land, and tell us what you’d like to see next.

Exhibition details

Where: 99 Cashel St, Cashel Mall, Christchurch
When: 10am–3pm daily (Thursdays until 7pm) from 26 May to 30 June 2018
How much: Free!

Children are welcome. Venue is accessible for everyone.

Read more here.

The ECO Canterbury Environmental Activities calendar

The ECO Canterbury Environmental Activities Calendar is here.

Here is a letter from Diana Shand to assist publicising the calendar. Please let your members know about the calendar and generally spread the word about its existence. The more relevant events we can get up on the calendar the more useful it will be to all of us and the public in general. If it helps you please continue to submit events via the form (one activity at a time) or spreadsheet (multiple activities) or by referring me (Dave Evans, to your Facebook events. However, I don’t mind how the events are submitted, as long as they are in an electronic form of some kind. Paper would be OK, but only if the event description is short.

Launch preparations for the calendar

At the ECO Canterbury network meeting on Monday 10 July it was decided that it is nearly time to launch the ECO Canterbury Environmental Activities Calendar. Any environmental, conservation or sustainability group in Canterbury whose aims and policy are in sympathy with those of ECO (see the ECO constitution) is welcome to join the network and have its activities listed on the calendar.

Listing activities

There are a few rules the meeting decided on – to ensure the Calendar will work for us. We will shortly send out a Launching our Calendar letter you can use to promote it and encourage usage by your members and the public. We hope to be ready for the launch by the end of the month, provided the activity loading process goes well.

But before it’s worth promoting the calendar to the public we need to get plenty of activities listed. There is a value to listing activities on the calendar even before it is promoted to the general public, as I’m sure all those reading this have an interest in knowing what activities other groups are holding, in order to avoid clashes.

If a Network member group’s activities are on a Facebook page, Google calendar or some other standardised calendar then those activities can be harvested with little effort. Alternatively activities can be submitted for uploading to the calendar using a spreadsheet template. Single activities can be entered through a Google form. Don’t be shy, please send us your activities.

Activities will be moderated before appearing in the calendar. Activities suggested for listing by members will be uploaded if they fit with the purpose of the calendar. Significant (e.g. national) activities from outside Canterbury may be listed. Although local government entities may not be members of the network their activities may be listed. Political events may appear on the calendar provided all parties with parliamentary representation are invited. Events originated and branded by one political party will not be listed.

We are anticipating a widening catchment of events, starting in greater Christchurch, spreading to all of North Canterbury and eventually covering Canterbury in its entirety. If the number of activities increases to the point where it becomes hard to see the activities you are looking for then a facility will be added for filtering the activities so only activities of the type and region you select are visible.

Member groups

Currently there is no cost to being a network member and using the calendar, but it is expected that in the longer term there will be a cost of about $10 – 20 per annum for each member. If a member group operates on no funds then the cost could be waived.

We would like to profile each member group on a page of the website. This profile would be a few sentences describing the group, its purpose and a link to the group’s website. A logo would be helpful too. As the number of groups grows the list will be subdivided into categories and/or regions etc.

Currently we have heard from: Christchurch, Action for Change Meetup, Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust, Braided River Aid (Braid), Canterbury Anglers Inc, Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club Inc, CANA-Coal Action Network, Cycling Action Network, Diamond Harbour Community Association, Diamond Harbour Reserve Management Committee, ECO, Engineers for Social Responsibility Canterbury, Christchurch Enviro Hub, Forest & Bird North Canterbury Branch, Generation Zero, It’s Our Future Christchurch, Network Waitangi Otautahi, New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers Inc, Sustainable Otautahi Christchurch, Working Waters Trust…

Should your organisation(s) be included? Please let us know by replying to this email.

Other features

Significant upcoming activities can be highlighted on the home page of the site. The calendar has an RSS feed of upcoming activities, which makes it quick and easy to see what’s coming up.

Activities without a public focus (e.g. committee meetings) will not be listed, but a website page listing regular (e.g. third Wednesday of month) non-public activities is envisaged.

A page has been added to the website where the activity policy and related information can be found. There is also a link to the activity capture spreadsheet template so it can be downloaded and populated with activities for the calendar.


Please send comments, questions and activity listings (via the form or a spreadsheet or Facebook URL) to The activity selection and listing processes are bound to take a while to sort out and feedback is very welcome.